Why Use Webhive?

Jackie Stallard - How to Create a Website
Jackie Stallard


I bet you want a really good website! One that’s:

  • Within your budget.
  • Works!
  • Ranks well on Google.

And I bet you want a web designer in Canberra, Nowra or the NSW South Coast who:

  • Can speak without bamboozling you with jargon.
  • Makes creating a website simple.
  • You can trust – someone who always has your best interests at heart.
  • Responds to your emails and phone calls.
  • You can come back to whenever there’s a problem.
  • Takes a holistic view, seeing your website in the context of your customers, employees, sales, marketing, products and infrastructure.

You might also find it useful that:

  • As an experienced WordPress web designer, I can teach you how to run your own website. That saves your money and puts the power in your hands – exactly where it should be!
  • I handle domains, hosting, websites and How to Create a Website courses – so you can get everything in one place. There’s no passing the buck between hosting companies, domain providers and web designers!
  • I can do the difficult stuff for you too – shopping carts, member sites, online forms etc.
  • I can advise you on the best online marketing strategies for your business. And set your website up so that you only publish your content once, and it feeds to Facebook and your newsletter automatically.
  • If you’re local I’ll suggest that we meet. It’s so much better when you know who you’re working with. It establishes a trust relationship, and it’s so much more fun!

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