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Webhive is a small web design business based in Dalmeny, NSW, Australia. We work from South Tribe at Batemans Bay once a week and visit web design clients in Canberra, Sydney, or up and down the coast from Merimbula to Batemans Bay, Ulladulla and Nowra.

We’re not in business just to make money! We all spend so much time working and in many cases, our work is our legacy. So we want it to be good – and we want it to matter!

That’s why we align our business around our ‘The Honeycomb’ principles, shown below.
The Honeycomb - mnemonic

Hi I’m Jackie Stallard

Jackie Stallard How to Create a Website portrait orange background cropped 500w
Jackie Stallard

Chances are, you own your own business just like me! – and you’re turning to the web for the same reasons to:

  • Increase your income.
  • Create a website that’s like an unpaid, never-sleeping sales team so you don’t have to do icky stuff like cold calling.
  • Gain your freedom. No boss! No one to tell you what to do!

I left the traffic, skyscrapers and rat race and now I live near Narooma on the New South Wales South Coast, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I have my choice of pristine, sandy beach or forest – all within a 10 minute walk! As a WordPress web designer, I choose my own work hours so I can sleep in, slip in a coffee with friends during the week, or surf on a beautiful, sunny day.
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Sounds like heaven?

I have to be honest… it wasn’t a smooth ride to get here. I tried earning a living the usual way and found there are some things I’m really not good at:

  • 9-hour days in a grey, open plan office, cut off from the sun and fresh air
  • Sitting in a data centre, devoid of human contact, running computer systems and wondering why I was doing it
  • Working in large, faceless corporations
  • Working purely for money

Have you tried different jobs too? And kept moving, seeking work that you’d enjoy?

Before being a WordPress website designer I tried some extreme occupations! None of these quite suited me:

  • A marketer for not-for-profit agencies like OXFAM, Community Aid Abroad, Cornell Co-operative Extension in New York State and Austcom/The Bega Valley Network. Lots of fun but the pay stank!
  • An IT consultant. That was reeeeally high stress. I think I’m still recovering!
  • A programmer. I liked the mental challenge but felt like a lab rat in a sterile, lifeless box.
  • A contractor for IBM. I felt like an alien. I couldn’t believe the other techs liked being in front of a screen all day without talking to anyone.
  • A freelance writer. I looove writing but with toddlers I didn’t have the time or energy to cultivate relationships with editors.
  • The ‘dumb blonde’ for a whip-cracking act. (Funny but true!)
  • A café/gallery owner in Birdsville, a community of about 100 people between the Simpson and Sturts Stony Desert, 700km away from the nearest supermarket or doctor. Had some amazing experiences but the hourly rate was even lower than a not-for-profit agency!

Still, I had some wins. I:

  • Rescued a not-for-profit community network with over a thousand registrations and several hundred websites, and transferred the good stuff to newer, friendlier technology.
  • Achieved a large increase in one year’s campaigns income in OXFAM’s south-western region in the UK.
  • Arranged a candlelight vigil in Adelaide that brought about a change in World Health Organisation policy.
  • Reduced the time taken to administrate a large computer network by 75%, with written commendation.
  • Fixed faulty programs, reducing their length by 70%. My code was used by the software company to train other programmers.
  • Planned and executed an IT-project for a large mining company and brought it in on time and to budget.
  • Completed a degree in computer science with first class honours and an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing with a special award for writing for audio
  • Had articles and photographs published in major Australian newspapers and magazines and short stories in literary journals and on radio.

But I live for people, connection, fun, creativity, excitement, adventure and purpose. I needed a way to make a living doing work that I enjoyed and felt passionate about whilst maintaining my freedom, releasing myself from corporate offices or long, hard hours in a cafe, and earning a great income.

To be honest, I doubted it was possible. But I didn’t give up. I couldn’t, actually. The alternative was too uncomfortable!

I realised that if I couldn’t find a job that suited me, I’d have to create it

For me, web design’s all about client satisfaction. I enjoy the technical side but if I couldn’t provide real value and pleasure for my clients it’d all be meaningless.



I wanted a job that fulfilled the qualities and activities that bring me alive:

  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Connection with people
  • Fun
  • Writing, and recording audios
  • Learning
  • Challenge
  • Being of service to others
  • Purpose

So I became a WordPress website designer. And that’s great! I could set my own hours and work from anywhere on the planet!

I also decided to dedicate a percentage of business profits to eliminating global poverty, predominantly through the education and empowerment of girls overseas. (5% this financial year and I aim to increase it 1% per year.)

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But there was one piece missing…

To earn more income I had to work more hours.

But I don’t want to work more hours!

I still have young kids to look after… And what about the sun and the surf?…

I wanted a passive income! 

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

Well no – that’s the beauty of the internet! If you have specialist knowledge you can create digital products! I’m launching fully-automated Website in a Day and Online Alchemy (online marketing) courses. And planning a marketing system that I can set on autopilot! Imagine if you could do that too! What would it mean for you and your family?

I still design websites for my lovely clients but if you want me to do that you’d better get in quick – because next year I’ll reduce the number of sites I build so that I can focus on online courses!

And if you want to learn how to create a website or online business, sign up for my blog below. There’s no obligation to buy. You can read my blog, follow along with me as I create my courses and receive great tips for websites and online marketing.

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Rod Paddick, Graphic Designer

Dr Rod Paddick - graphic design Batemans Bay, Moruya, Narooma, Bega, Merimbula
Dr Rod Paddick – Rod P Design, Graphic Design

Rod has 30 years’ experience as a graphic designer. He began in the print industry, creating magazines and packaging for premium quality chocolates (yum!), and has designed websites for over a decade. Rod has a PhD in psychology and has taught IT. He can help you with:

  • Web design
  • Professionally-finished artwork for print
  • Advice on complex print options
  • Marketing
  • Training

Rod prides himself on his work. He’s a lovely feller and has created some beautiful sites, eg:

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Robyn Rosenfeldt, Photographer

Whether you’re a small or large business, you want to present yourself in the best possible light. That’s why it is important to have professional photography done using professional photographic equipment. Impress your clients and customers by having images that stand out from your competitors and give your business the WOW factor.

Robyn Rosenfeldt has worked as a photographer for the last 15 years. She has worked for many private businesses throughout Victoria and NSW, helping them to capture and present their product to potential clients in a professional and attractive manner. She has worked with a wide range of clients from small producers, retailers, artists, restaurants, cafes and accommodation providers to large national companies. She has also worked for many magazines and newspapers both here and overseas. Her publications include Lonely Planet, The Age, The Herald Sun, The Weekly Times, Outback Magazine, Australian Traveller to name a few. Robyn was also the editor of Sustain magazine where you may have seen her photographic work. For examples of her work visit www.robynrosenfeldt.com.