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Economical Neto ecommerce website design and WordPress website design packages for Canberra and NSW.

Ecommerce Website Design

There’s a big difference between a website that works and one that doesn’t.

With Webhive, you maintain control of your website. No ridiculous charges to change a phone number!

We’re truly here to provide a website that works for your business. This mean:

  • We custom design your website for your business.
  • We identify your target markets and the precise words and images that will appeal to them.
  • We work to your budget.
  • We identify your business goals and design your website around them, so that readers follow a set of pre-determined actions that lead to a sale.
  • We train you and your staff to edit your website.
  • We provide fast service. We hear stories of people waiting six weeks for changes on their website. That’s ridiculous! We usually make small changes within 24 hours!
  • We take a cooperative approach, continually consulting with you to ensure that your website will work for your business and customers.
  • We give you control over your domain and web hosting.
  • We keep tight security on our server. We also set up our websites to avoid spam, rogue content, blacklisting and hijacking.
  • Your website will be mobile friendly
  • We’ll design your website to rank well on Google for an agreed set of keywords. We’ll also advise you how to use these words in your web pages, blog and Facebook posts to improve your ranking.
  • Your website sits within the microcosm of your marketing. We connect it up to autopublish to Facebook, or automatically send blog posts to your mailing list. Whatever your business requires.

We’ll price the most affordable website for your needs. Phone us on 1300 932 448 for a quote.

Webhive aligns itself with a set of core values, represented by ‘The Honeycomb’.


(Jackie’s) commitment to ensuring the customer is always happy with the end result is second to none – Garry Henshall, read more

Your website may be the first thing people see!

We'll Keep Tweaking Till You're Happy!
We’ll Keep Tweaking Till You’re Happy!

Your website is your public face on the web. It may be the first – or only – part of your business that people see, so it’s just as important as a storefront or physical office.

That means:

  • People judge you by your website. Are you professional, clean and stylish like a design agency or sophisticated clothing store? Or cheap and chaotic like a second hand shop? Do you attend to detail like a cabinet maker? Or is your home page jumbled with different fonts and colours, and marred by a typo? Whatever the case, people will assume that your image on the web matches your business’s ethos and values.
  • Your website must be planned as strategically as your office or store. You don’t hide your receptionist in the stationery cupboard where no one can find him or her. Neither do you place your toilets by the entrance. In a physical office or store, you work out what seduces people, showcase it, then leave a trail of goodies for them to follow that ultimately leads to your cash register. A website is just the same.
  • You must know what your specific clients respond to. What words do they use? What images will draw them in? What matters to them? What problem can you solve for them? What’s so vital to them that it’ll clinch a sale?
  • Your website is initiating a relationship with your customers. The web may seem big and impersonal, but people buy from people they like and trust, who give them precisely what they’re looking for. It’s important to avoid opening sentences like ‘Snobhouse and Co was founded in 1974 and has been the premium litigation company on the NSW South Coast ever since.’ Your customers might not care how good you think you are. They might not even know what litigation is. They’re probably looking for someone who can understand the sticky situation they’ve gotten into, sympathise with their emotional trauma and help them escape it.
  • You must capture people’s interest fast. Most people decide whether to stay or go within 3 seconds. A strong, clear opening message is essential if you want them to hang around and read the rest of your site. That message is communicated through pictures, a few well-chosen words, and your website’s design.

If your website fails to do all this, the best you can hope for is that people ignore it. In the worst case, they may form a negative impression of your business.

Given all the complications, why bother with a website?

Websites are generally seen as being part and parcel of running a business, so it’s easy to view your website as something on your to-do list that you just need to complete in order to cross it off!

But usually you create a website to sell more.

A good website can help you:

  • Get more customers.
  • Sell more to existing customers. In sales terms, your existing customers are much “warmer”. It’s easier to make a sale to someone who’s bought from you before.
  • Save time. It can answer common questions, and take orders and bookings so that you don’t have to do it manually.

What does a great website mean for you in real terms? –

  • More sales leads?
  • More time to work on your business rather than in it?
  • Being able to employ an extra staff member to share the load?
  • Increased value in your business – another asset?
  • Being able to afford a new piece of equipment you’ve been wanting?
  • An overseas holiday, boat, 4WD?

So you have heaps to gain from a great website, right?

This is where it gets complicated. It’s relatively easy to slap up a website. It’s a lot harder to get one that really works for your business. When you do, your website can pay for itself many times over.

… our new website is a resounding success… All business areas of the club have increased with one area showing a growth of 70% after just 2 months, which is quite remarkable. – Ken Coates, read more

Website Horror Stories

We'll work around your time and your money
We’ll work around your time and your money

Unfortunately, website builds don’t always run smoothly.

I know a few people who spent thousands of dollars on a website and either:

  • They received nothing at all, or
  • They disliked their website so much that it never went live.

In my position, people tell me horror stories. I’ve had new clients who’ve contacted me after suffering a succession of disasters, one after the other. This is what I’ve heard:

  • I had a $500 website built overseas. They were hard to talk to and I didn’t really get what I wanted.
  • My website cost $200 to build but when I wanted a change, they wanted to charge me $2000. They’ve got control of my domain. I don’t know what to do!
  • My web designer didn’t listen. It was like talking to a brick wall!
  • I’ve spent a lot of money for nothing. All that money down the drain!
  • I absolutely hate my website! It doesn’t reflect me or my business and I’m a coach, so that’s really important.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m getting nowhere!
  • I got a student to build my website. Now I need to change the phone number and I can’t find her!
  • It’s way too expensive. I have to pay every single time I change something, so I haven’t touched my website for 2 years!
  • I spent $1500 and I’ve got nothing to show for it. They charged me for a website they didn’t build and now they’re sending me more bills. They’re even threatening me with a bad credit rating.
  • Everyone thinks they’re a web designer nowadays. They do one site and think it’s easy but they don’t really know what they’re doing.

So you can imagine that by the time these clients reached me they were frustrated and out of pocket.

The skills of Jackie and Webhive give me the peace of mind that I require to allows me to concentrate on what I do best, cook! – Patrick Reubinson, read more

But yikes! It gets worse!

Given the Law of Attraction, I thought about deleting this section. But Abraham Hicks tells disaster stories and perhaps there’s some value in them – they provide a contrast that points you in the right direction, towards what you want. So here goes – here are some of the worst disaster stories I’ve heard:

  • My web designer stole my domain name so I had to register a new one. I lost my website and my Google ranking. It’s cost me so much time, stress and money.
  • Someone’s threatening me with legal action because of something on my website and I can’t get in to change it!
  • A competitor stole my business – all of it! We were turning over $1 million annually and now we’ve got nothing!

These dramas aren’t freak accidents. Sadly, they’re quite common. After all, every ocean has sharks. There’s too much at stake to take chances with your business. So in your position, what do you do?

Client care beyond the norm – David’s Campfire Cooking, read more

The web’s booby traps are like Wizard’s Chess!

Navigating the web’s booby traps to build a website that really works is a bit like that scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone where Harry, Ron and Hermione play a life size version of Wizard’s Chess. They have to make the right moves! Websites are incredibly complicated. You don’t want your head lopped off by a giant, stone knight that seemed to come from nowhere! There are so many considerations to take into account! You want your website to be –

  • Attractive. Not like those ugly, jumbled, flashing websites with grainy photos that turn people off!
  • Easy to use, so that people can find things easily.
  • Consistent with your existing branding on leaflets and business cards.
  • Effective! So it brings you more clients – sells your products and services – or brings you bookings.
  • Good value. You don’t mind spending money if your website pays for itself again and again.
  • Part of your overall marketing – it all has to fit together. For example, your Facebook posts lead back to your website which sells your products and services.
  • A reflection of you and your business – your culture and your personality.
  • Appealing to your clients – like one of those flowering bushes that attracts the bees!
  • Fast to load, so people don’t get bored and click away before they’ve even seen the page!
  • Good on phones and tablets
  • High up on Google
  • Under your control – so you can edit your pages yourself!
  • Secure, kept safe by good management and several layers of security software.

Jackie has a broad computer knowledge and can provide assistance with a friendly, human touch… I… am impressed at how efficient her work is. She offers her considerable knowledge with ease and care. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any IT projects which require such flair and knowledge. – Dr Rod Paddick, read more

How to make the right decisions about your website’s design

There are so many decisions to be made along the way when thinking about a website design for your business!…

  • Which web designer? –
    • Can you can trust them?
    • Do they understand strategic design?
    • The latest technology?
    • Google?
    • Can they communicate in plain English?
    • Do they blind you with jargon?
    • Do they listen to you?
  • How much to spend?
  • Which website building software? WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dreamweaver. There’s so much out there!
  • Which company for hosting and domains? Is it true that cheap hosting sucks?
  • What layout, images and fonts?
  • What words on the web pages?

If you don’t know where to start…

If this whole website thing seems so complicated that you don’t even know how to start making decisions, that’s ok.

There’s no need to apologise if you’re not tech savvy or have been meaning to get a new website for over a year and haven’t got around to it. I’m here to guide you. Helping people through creating a website is my strength. I’m really good at explaining things in terms you can understand, listening to you, and giving you what you will work for your business, based on the information you give me.

Don’t worry if you’re not confident about what will work for your customers. Once you have a website up you’ll get feedback. The brilliant thing about a website is it’s not set in stone. We can adjust your website in response to your customers’ comments.

Fears of my inexperience with these matters were quickly relieved with Jackie’s coaching, patience and professionalism. Totally recommended. – Mary Parson, read more

Why $500 websites are a risk

It’s easy to put a website up but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. When creating websites, I:

  • Analyse Google searches to find out what words your customers search on. Then I put those words all over your site in hidden places and in the text, so Google can match them with what your customers are looking for. Otherwise, chances are your website won’t come up when they Google your product or service.
  • Listen to you really carefully to find out about you, your customers and what appeals to you and them.
  • Help you find photos and images that support your marketing messages.
  • Help you write text that should please both Google and your customers. I’m a published writer and copywriter with 25 years’ experience in marketing, so you can leverage my advanced writing skills on your own website.
  • Work out how your website fits into your business and marketing. How will customers find your site? What other marketing might be effective for you?
  • Make sure that you’re well-supported. I train you how to edit your website pages and offer different levels of service.
  • Look after your website, hosting and domains, keeping them all together in one place. So much simpler!
  • Care about you and your business.

Do you really think that a $500 web designer in the Philippines does all that?

What to do if you can’t afford a quality website

You don’t need to launch the perfect website all at once.

If your budget’s tight, get a small website and build on it later. Just make sure that it’s set up correctly from the start. Get a genuine, quality web designer to help you create it, and then add to it as your resources allow.

Remember, a quality website should increase sales and pay for itself many times over. Given that, can you afford not to have a good website?

If it helps, Webhive offers payment plans for quality website design on the NSW South Coast and in Canberra and we can charge by the month.

Seriously, we have no interest in simply selling you a website. If we don’t think a website is worth your investment, we’ll tell you. This might take some analysis – it’ll depend on the number of Google searches for your products and services, the purpose of your website, and the size, location and nature of your business. If a website isn’t worth your while we may suggest cheaper alternatives.

Your business and lifestyle are at stake

It’s all so complicated!

And getting it wrong can spell disaster! Your business could be severely damaged or even lost all together! Your dreams, income and retirement plan taken away all in one go!

If you’ve already lost your business then sorry, I can’t fix that. But I can usually help you recover your domain name, even if it’s under the control of an unethical provider. I can also help you set your website up to protect yourself next time.

Jackie completed the task very quickly and in accordance with our brief, regularly consulting to ensure that we were happy with the direction the website was taking. – Mel Griffiths, read more

How I can help

I can create a website that really works for you. You’ll get:

  • Peace of mind. I really care about my clients. My decisions are based on your best interests.
  • Control. You keep control of your website and your domain name. You can edit your site – I’ll show you how if you like.
  • Value for money. I design websites to fulfil your business needs, whether that’s new clients, increased bookings, or sales.
  • Someone you can talk to. A good website’s a collaborative effort. I’m highly-skilled with websites but you’re the expert on your business. To build a website that really meets your needs I need a lot of information about your business and you need to be well-informed so that you can make solid decisions about your website and marketing.
  • Plus, someone to guide you through the jungle. I’ll lead you through the web design process step by step, giving you the information you need to make good decisions and helping keep you and your business safe.
  • Plus, great service. Once your website’s done I don’t leave you in the lurch! I’m still here to solve your problems and answer your questions.
  • Plus, everything in one place. I can provide you with a website, hosting, domains and training. It’s so much simpler when you keep it all together! And you don’t get lost between providers, each one passing the buck.
  • Plus, all that good technical stuff –
    • A clean, attractive, mobile-friendly website that’s easy to use.
    • Good load speed
    • Software updates
    • Website security
    • Good Google ranking (depending on your budget and competition for your key words – we can discuss that.)

…the integrity to continue prompt support for my site above and beyond what other IT businesses would even think to do. – Shanna Provost, read more

I can’t be successful unless you are too!

A website slots into your business’s ecosystem. The parts all function together and you’re a vital component. So when taking you as a client I want to ensure that:

  • You’d benefit from a website. I need to see lots of Google searches on your keywords or another good reason for having a website. For example, your website might serve your existing customers.
  • You know your business and clients really well and are willing to communicate that information to me.
  • You view your website as a collaboration. We work together to create a good outcome. Sometimes that means putting a website up, testing the response and adjusting accordingly.
  • You value your website and online marketing and are willing to invest in it.
  • You have a positive attitude. Blamers and shamers, please enquire elsewhere!

My personal guarantee

I personally guarantee that:

  • We’ll act in your best interests
  • We’ll reply to your questions, emails and phone calls promptly
  • We’ll balance good design and technology with visual appeal, good copy with Google ranking, and all of it with your business goals.
  • We’ll apply security measures to your website and do our utmost best to keep your site safe.
  • We’ll agree on a brief and budget and work to it. Websites are like a piece of string. There’s always more you can do. If the brief changes and we’re approaching your budget, we’ll let you know and agree on a course of action.

Webhive web design (Jackie Stallard) has offered a first class web hosting service for our small business on the south coast of NSW.
Any problems are quickly fixed, the designs are great and we particularly appreciate the friendly service Jackie provides.
– Elisabeth Larsen, read more

Now it’s your turn

If you’d like me to help with your website, here’s what to do:

Give me a call on 1300 WEBHIVE or email me at jackie @

A website usually starts with a phone call where we get a brief idea of what you need. We give you half an hour of our time for free to help you work out whether you’d like to work together or not. You can use this time on the phone or a face to face meeting.

I’ll chat with you about your needs and budget. Then send you an email that explains how I work. Attached to the email is a worksheet that helps you clarify your needs. You can fill this out or I’ll do it for you. This is information that any web designer will need, in order to do a good job.

I’ll send you a brief to confirm your budget and requirements. You approve the brief and we start work. Read more about the web design process.

That’s 1300 WEBHIVE or email jackie @

I’m looking forward to hearing from you :)

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